Marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

With their multi-colour and iridescent streaks, Casalgrande Padana marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles give a new twist to prized marble’s timeless charm to bring light and elegance to any room.

These tiles are extremely versatile and can be used in any residential or public setting and with any style to add elegance with sophisticated colour variations and play of light and shadow. Their first-class technical features and multiple composition options make these marble-effect floor and wall tiles the ideal choice for luxury yachts.

Marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are as beautiful and durable as real marble. The larger formats enhance the colours and nuances of this natural stone. Their exceptional technical features and a wide range of colours, sizes, and finishes make them perfect for tables, cabinetry, feature walls, doors, and kitchen and bathroom countertops.


Terrazzo-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

Terrazzo floors are making a huge comeback, thanks to their elegance and versatility. Macro and Terrazzo are two collections that give Venetian floors a contemporary twist. Random speckles – created with stones, pebbles, and fragments of different sizes – and seamless surfaces create striking visual continuity between floors and walls. The result is a bright, dynamic puzzle that adds an elegant and contemporary touch to the setting.


Casalgrande Padana marble-effect tiles: a durable, environmentally friendly and sustainable choice

Our marble-effect tiles are fully recyclable and free of plastic. They’re also fire-resistant and don’t release harmful substances, not even in the event of a fire. They can be easily laid in any setting and on any surface; they are low-maintenance, easy to clean, hygienic, non-allergic, odourless, and antibacterial. They are guaranteed for life and are durable, non-absorbent, and inert. They are also resistant to flexure, frost, and aggressive chemicals (except for hydrofluoric acid). Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles don’t fear temperature fluctuations, they never warp, and they ensure high mechanical strength, thereby remaining unchanged over time.

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