Porcelain stoneware tiles for stylish outdoor spaces

June 15, 2023

Feinsteinzeug: Stilvolle Ideen für Outdoor-Möbel

by Sara Costi

Planning your outdoor spaces starts with choosing a style consistent with the rest of your home. This means that the outdoor tiles you use for walkways, poolsides, balconies, and patios shouldn’t stray too much from the ones you chose for your interiors if you want to create seamless, harmonious surfaces.

Flooring: Petra Bianca - Coverings: Brickworks Nuances Verde Persia
Flooring: Chalon Kaki
Flooring: Country Wood Bianco

How to create modern-style outdoor spaces

Modern design is essential and functional. It stands out for its furnishings’ clean, symmetrical lines with minimal decorative details. And the same goes for the exteriors. White and neutral hues like beige, cream, and taupe are the predominant colours, even for outdoor floor and wall tiles.

Flooring: Nature Sabbia
Flooring: Patio White
Flooring: Kerblock Beige

How to create French country outdoor spaces

The vintage romanticism of the Provence-inspired French country chic makes this style extremely popular, even for outdoor spaces. Whether for a terrace, a patio, or a veranda, the Provençal style is all about wrought iron or wicker chairs, tables, benches, gazebos, cotton or linen curtains, decorative lanterns and bird cages, and fresh flowers and herbs in zinc or terracotta jugs and pots. And, of course, stone-effect floor and wall tiles in warm earthy shades.

In this example, Casalgrande Padana suggests its Petra collection. Imperfect veining and delicate earthy and sandy colours blend with quartzite’s elegance, giving life to beautiful, versatile, wear- and frost-resistant tiles.

On the other hand, the walls feature porcelain stoneware tiles from the Brickworks Muretto collection. Brickworks tiles’ delicate shades and the possibility to lay them in different patterns make them a unique furnishing element.

How to create Zen-style outdoor spaces

Zen is among the most popular contemporary styles, even for outdoor areas. However, zen-style spaces express a philosophy more than a trend. As a result, they are welcoming, relaxing, simple yet functional and inspire tranquillity and wellbeing.

Another feature of this Japanese design style is the chromatic harmony achieved by monochrome floor and wall tiles. Casalgrande Padana’s wood-effect, stone-effect and concrete-effect tiles are perfect for creating matching interior and exterior surfaces.

Gardens play an essential role in Japanese culture because they are places where to meditate. A Zen garden typically includes natural elements like sand, gravel, pebbles, red moss, and other trees. It also features walkways that usually lead to a water feature.

How to create Mediterranean-style outdoor spaces

As the name suggests, this style originates in Mediterranean countries, combining trends and influences from Greece, Italy, Spain, and North Africa. The Mediterranean style draws its inspiration from the sea. As a result, shades of blue and white are the predominant colours, even for outdoor furniture, floors, and walls.

A typical Mediterranean home will always have a patio or a terrace with natural wood furniture, exposed beams painted in white, and wicker sofas and chairs. In addition, lanterns, candles, olive trees, oleanders, junipers, and brightly coloured climbing plants help create the perfect convivial space. For the outdoor flooring, we recommend light, anti-slip stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles that run from the patio to the terrace, creating stunning uninterrupted surfaces.

Casalgrande Padana’s wide range of stone-effect, concrete-effect, and wood-effect tiles allow for multiple combinations, making them ideal for any style, even outdoors. These rectified, versatile, and wear-resistant porcelain stoneware outdoor tiles are 20 mm thick and feature an anti-slip finish, meeting any design requirement. The natural finish for interiors blends with the anti-slip finish for exteriors, creating visual continuity and harmonious uninterrupted surfaces.

Casalgrande Padana tiles are guaranteed and certified. They are one of the most advanced and versatile solutions modern architecture offers, as they are non-absorbent, frost-resistant, fully recyclable (because they are made solely with natural raw materials), fire-resistant, non-allergenic, and antibacterial (thanks to the exclusive Bios Antibacterial® treatment available upon request). In addition, they are also easy to lay and clean and remain unchanged over time.

Flooring: Manhattan Soho
Flooring: Patio Beige
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