How to create a home spa with Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles

Aug. 20, 2020

Home spa: come realizzarla con il gres porcellanato di Casalgrande Padana

by Sara Costi

Over the past few months, the Covid pandemic has transformed the meaning of living like it hadn't done in decades, teaching us to exploit every space of the home to the fullest. Some people have rediscovered the true value of family life; others have appreciated that forgotten house on the hills or in the countryside as if it were a small diamond. Other people have even had the luck to enjoy large spaces and could even create an intimate and relaxing wellness space with a whirlpool, emotional shower, sauna, and Turkish bath in the comfort of their home.

If you’re thinking about creating a home spa, you should, first of all, choose the best room for it in terms of size, water supply systems, and electrical system.

Whether you want to transform your bathroom into a relaxation corner, create a mini whirlpool swimming pool on your terrace, or set up a wellness path with a sauna and a Turkish bath, your wellness space should fit harmoniously into your home. It should meet your and your family’s needs and adapt to your lifestyle.

The word spa comes from the Latin “salus per aquam” and expresses the idea that health, as well as physical and mental wellbeing, comes from water. The best way to rediscover the benefits of water is to enjoy a long bath at home in the relaxing atmosphere of a bathroom entirely decorated with the marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the Marmoker collection. The contemporary hexagonal décors of these tiles enhance the beauty and elegance of the surface in Birimbau, as well as the natural effect of every veining.

Flooring: Marmoker Birimbau – Coverings: Birimbau hexagons

If you have enough space, you could opt for a small whirlpool with warm water and create a relaxation space in the adjacent room with a bathtub and a cervical waterfall shower. You can even create convenient niches where to keep your towels, essential oils, and other amenities. And, of course, you should decorate this space with the wood-effect ceramic tiles from the Country Wood collection. The slightly worn-out look of these porcelain stoneware tiles matches the modern furnishings harmoniously, creating a contemporary, refined mood and a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Flooring and coverings: Country Wood Tortora

When setting up a home spa, you can also create a chromotherapy area with emotional showers, massage tables, and soft and comfortable spa beds. Chromotherapy is based on the beneficial effects of the wavelength and frequency of each colour on the body’s energy centres known as chakras. The large porcelain stoneware tiles from the Marmoker collection are perfect for decorating such an area.

Flooring and coverings: Marmoker Bardiglio Imperiale

You can even enrich your wellness area with a Finnish sauna. You can cover the partition walls with the 59x118 cm marble-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the Marmoker collection. Another option is to lay the wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the Class Wood collection both indoors and on the terrace. The delicate colours and fine design of these tiles help create a cosy atmosphere that continues outside, offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding valley.

Spa with sauna – Marmoker Statuario Grigio Lucido
Spa with sauna – Marmoker Statuario Grigio Lucido

For a wellness area in perfect harmony with nature, you can use your terrace or garden. If you have a winter garden, you could even think about creating your spa there to enjoy the view all year round.

The stone-effect ceramic tiles from the Amazzonia, Marte or Mineral Chrom collections can be laid both on the floor and walls of your wellness space, transforming a moment of relaxation into a therapy. The soft, shaded colours of these tiles emphasise the natural effect of the surface. Every veining conceals stories and memories that suggest new projects enriched with imagination and a contemporary touch.

Flooring: Amazzonia - Dragon Beige Grip – Coverings: Amazzonia Composition A Eldorado
Flooring and inside of the pool: Mineral Chrom Grey
Flooring and inside of the pool: Marte Botticino
Flooring and inside of the pool: Marte Botticino

Maximum hygiene at home

All Casalgrande Padana collections are available in the Bios Antibacterial® version, which can reduce by 99.99% the four main bacterial strains in confined spaces (Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa). These tiles can also eliminate bad odours and, in the presence of moisture, which is fertile ground for bacteria, their benefits are even enhanced. All these reasons make these tiles perfect for the floors and walls of rooms where hygiene is a must. In pools and outdoor areas, the Bios Antibacterial® technology also helps combat mould, yeasts, and fungi.

We at Casalgrande Padana transform the ideas and images that nature offers into innovative porcelain stoneware tiles with a refined design and excellent qualities that help improve the quality of life while respecting the environment.

Relax your mind, and listen to the sounds of nature. Indulge yourself in the fragrance of lavender essential oils and take a moment for yourself.

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