Ideas for renovating your country house with porcelain stoneware

May 2, 2020

Ideas for renovating your country house with porcelain stoneware

by Sara Costi

A house in the countryside has always been a precious getaway immersed in nature, surrounded by wide open green spaces, flowering meadows, rows of fruit trees and all sorts of vegetation. It’s a romantic atmosphere, one that delights the senses while creating a sense of relaxation and inner peace. Wide verandas and spacious courtyards, tall granaries, beamed ceilings, warm and soft lighting, large windows for enjoying the scenery all year round, and an atmosphere of conviviality and good humour: in the collective imagination, all these images call to mind childhood, tradition and the memory of old family farms.

For the best interpretation of the country chic style in your home, both indoors and outdoors, nothing should be left up to chance when it comes to renovating your country house. Rather, there are a number of things you should keep in mind, especially the choice of wall and floor tiles in porcelain stoneware.

Flooring, in fact, is the basis of every design theme. Whether you’re going for a shabby chic look, a rustic or Provençal mood, or whether you want more of a metropolitan or minimal-modernist look, the important thing is knowing how to wisely mix furnishings and accessories that evoke the natural character of the place while ensuring the highest level of comfort.

For fans of the country and shabby chic styles, both of which are ideal for showcasing the rural spirit of this type of home, the country house should be filled with furnishings made special by the patina of time, material detailing and neutral colours. Wood is a classic material for walls and floors alike: Casalgrande Padana’s collections offer a wide range of different wood-effect solutions, some contrasting and some complementary. The company’s aim is to accommodate the tastes and requirements of a highly diverse audience. To create a sense of continuity among the different areas of your home, you can choose from the soft, warm tones of the beige and light brown of the porcelain stoneware tiles inspired by the natural beauty of tables in aged and antiqued wood: the Antique Wood, Class Wood, Country Wood or Ulivo collections, or the stoneware strip tiles from the Geowood, Newood, Parchi and Tavolato collections, in which the fine texture faithfully reproduces that of rare and precious wood veins, are all excellent examples of wood-effect stoneware that never fail to impress with their beauty and practicality.

Stonewash Grey, Listone Stonewash
Flooring: Antique Wood White, decoration: Antique strip tile
Country Wood Greige
Flooring: Geowood Koa
Flooring: Geowood Iroko


In the collective imagination, the kitchen of a country house is the linchpin of the home that all furnishing choices are made around. It is a warm and welcoming space, inviting and full of light. Built in masonry or furnished with wood and a visible pantry, with old shelves displaying copper pots and antique porcelain alternating with vases of aromatic herbs, it always brings the romance of the good old days.

If you want to create a Provençal, retro or vintage style in your kitchen, Casalgrande Padana's traditional cementine tiles in porcelain stoneware are an excellent choice: they can be used for floor tiling, where they offer a brilliant alternative to carpeting, and also for wall or worktop coverings.

Flooring: Opus Grigio and Cementina Multicolor Grigia – Coverings: Opus Cementina Multicolor Grigia
Flooring: Country Wood Greige
Flooring: Geowood Zebrawood
Flooring: Geowood Koa

Those who prefer a more linear and modern look – assuming the house agrees to it – can create subdued, contemporary and unusual spaces by opting for a minimalist design, covering floors and walls with cement-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in soft shades and natural tones, ideal for furnishing your spaces in a harmonious, refined way.

And if you want to emphasise the walls of your kitchen, you can take a bold approach by covering the surfaces with the cement-effect geometric décors from the Beton collection.

Coverings: Beton, Decoration: Insert C Ivory, Mud


After a day spent outdoors, immersed in nature, there’s nothing better than a nice relaxing bath. The embrace of well-being, enjoyed in your own private space. With their neutral colours, muted tones and decorative patterns, Casalgrande Padana’s cementine tiles are an excellent choice for flooring and coverings. Those who love the shabby chic style might also opt for the soft and warm tones of our wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles.

Coverings: Multicolor Beige
Flooring: Opus Beige and Multicolor Beige
Flooring: Geowood Amazique

Living room

Like other spaces in the home, the living room is a central location that should be furnished in harmony with the overall style of the house: the warm tones of wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles or the muted ones of stone-effect tiles can alternate with rocking chairs, comfy armchairs and soft sofas where you can savour peaceful moments at home during rainy countryside days in the company of a good book, the warmth of the stove, or the merry crackling of the fireplace.

Flooring: Geowood Amazique
Flooring: Geowood Amazique
Flooring: Geowood Koa
Flooring: Meteor Bianco


The bedroom is a shelter where to relax. It’s one of the most important rooms in a house and needs to be planned carefully, focusing not only on space and furnishings but also on colours and finishes. The flooring is particularly important because it’s the base on which the whole project takes shape. A country house should feature the beige, cream or grey tones of the wood-effect stoneware of the Country Wood collection, or the stone effect of the Pietra Baugè or Stonewash collections. When paired with wallpaper and furnishings in the colours of countryside daydreams to make a corner of the room pop, they are perfect for use in a bedroom. Their light tones evoke a rediscovered shabby style or the always-current country chic style.

Flooring: Countrywood Tortora Chevron
Flooring: Stonewash Grey – Coverings: Stonewash strip tile
Flooring: Stonewash Grey – Coverings: Stonewash strip tile
Flooring: Pietra Baugè Beige


A country house is where you go on holiday with your family and welcome your friends over for long outdoor lunches or open-air dinners. That means the outdoor space cannot be neglected, be it a patio, a veranda or a large courtyard with a garden and a swimming pool: all you need are some wicker chairs, a long wooden table for dinner with your friends, comfortable seats and soft colourful pillows to create a little corner of heaven.

Thanks to increased thickness of 20 mm, the stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the Extragres 2.0 collection allow for extensive use even in outdoor environments, where they can be laid dry on gravel or turf, creating an immediately walkable floor without using screeds, mortars or glues.

These tiles can also be placed on polypropylene substrates, allowing for the creation of raised floors for outdoor spaces. This in turn can allow for the passage of electrical and water systems in the space below or attached to the screed to ensure high resistance.

Flooring: Parchi Sequoia
Flooring: Pietre di Sardegna, Caprera

Environmentally friendly, sturdy, frost-resistant, anti-slip, easy to install and to clean: Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware is unalterable by any weather conditions and, thanks to the Bios Antibacterial technology, it is also resistant to bacteria, moulds and moss.

Flooring: Pietra Baugè Beige
Flooring: Patio Gold

Whether you’ve opted for a style with a country, vintage or Provençal flavour or if you prefer a shabby chic style, Casalgrande Padana’s porcelain stoneware tiles can fill your space with personality and the flavour of tradition. Poetic and welcoming, they make your everyday living space truly unique.


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