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The Awards ceremony for the ninth Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix International architecture award took place on 11th May, at Spazio CityLife in Milan, within the building site where work at the Residenze buildings designed by Daniel Libeskind, using over 50,000 square metres of facings manufactured by Casalgrande Padana, is well ahead. The Awards have been given by the Grand Prix international judges at a formal ceremony, during which Daniel Libeskind has given a lecture. A decision that is in keeping with the character of the latest awards, which have become important cultural events because of their significant settings – Milan’s La Triennale, Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista in Venice, Sala dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Aula Magna of Ca’ Granda in Milan – and the contribution of famous designers, critics, lecturers and media professionals.

Over twenty years of history, nine years, over one thousand three hundred architectural designs from the five continents: this is Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix International architecture award; a special lookout on current developments and trends in the use of ceramics and the overall development of research into design and construction; a cultural operation that has grown and developed over time, becoming an industry landmark. First launched in 1990, the Grand Prix award gives prominence to the technical properties and expressive potentials of stoneware products, making the most of their flexibility and eclecticism. From the most demanding modern architectures to the restoration and refurbishment of older ones; from interior applications to exterior uses; from pavings to facings to special applications; from large high-traffic surfaces to residential areas, the Grand Prix award reviews and selects projects from all over the world, comparing very different experiences to monitor the progress of design in different areas. The awards ceremony, with authoritative guests from the architectural, design and media worlds, has also been an opportunity to officially launch the 10th Grand Prix, where all the designers who, in their daily job, experiment with and creatively use the aesthetic qualities and excellent performance of Casalgrande Padana’s materials will be the most welcome guests.

Shopping and office centres (large surfaces)


Public buildings

Residential buildings

Swimming Pool

Alfonso Acocella, Firenze (IT)

Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ferrara

Riccardo Blumer, Varese (IT)


Giuseppe Cappochin, Padova (IT)

Architetto, Designato dal Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti - Roma

Christophe Le Gac, Parigi (FR)

Architetto, Giornalista

Domenico Podestà, Genova (IT)

Architetto, Designato dal Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti PPC, Roma

Sebastian Redecke, (DE)

Architect and journalist for Bauwelt

Matteo Vercelloni, Milano (IT)

Architect, journalist and architecture critic, editorial consultant of INTERNI magazine

Creative Book Casalgrande Padana è un progetto realizzato in collaborazione con CASABELLA

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