2023 trends: décor ideas featuring Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware

Nov. 26, 2022

2023 trends: décor ideas featuring Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware

by Sara Costi

Trends for 2023 focus on minimal looks: sparse furnishings with clean lines, carefully chosen to be functional, versatile and practical, made from the sustainable, quality materials the coming year demands. 2023 furnishing accessories will feature soft, graceful lines, and we’ll be seeing lots of green, from pistachio to sage and emerald, the ideal shades to relax the mind, creating inviting spaces for meditation.

Flooring and Covering: R-Evolution Green
Flooring: Tavolato Grano - Covering: Atelier Ottanio, Atelier Cristallo

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style will be the biggest trend for 2023, ideal for creating warm, welcoming settings. With its minimalist style and focus on natural materials and functional living spaces, Scandinavian style features carefully balanced, streamlined furnishing choices. Spacious, bright settings with a practical, functional layout are cleared of the superfluous.

This furnishing style typically features pale, neutral shades: from white, cream and beige to pastels such as rose and sage, with the occasional dash of greys like dove or anthracite. A pleasantly dynamic sensation can be created by alternating neutrals with contrasting colours such as blue and black. The design of Scandinavian-style living spaces constantly seeks comfortable, inviting looks in line with Hygge well-being principles. An integral part of Nordic culture, Hygge is the art of creating a cosy sensation of well-being. Little everyday pleasures become an actual lifestyle, shaped by the warmth and tranquillity of the home.

Flooring: R-Evolution Terra - Covering: R-Evolution Tortora
Flooring: Beton Pearl

Organic style and a touch of nature

Natural touches - leaves, branches, trees and flowers, stylised or more realistic - feature on fabrics or wall coverings. Perfect everywhere, from living rooms to bathrooms and bedrooms, they bring a welcome breath of nature into the home, and character to the new year’s furnishing choices. The most contemporary version of organic style features a range of earthy colours such as beige and soft, smooth shades of grey, as well as green and sage tones, ideal for blending to create dynamic, confident colour schemes. Other elements of organic style include natural materials and fibres such as wood, rattan, wicker, bamboo, linen, cotton and jute. Organic design is based on the imperfect, fluid shapes typical of nature, and on earthy elements such as sand, limestone and clay.

Covering: Limpha Coral Rose

Smart homes and open-plan settings

Efficiently organised spaces, open-plan settings, increasingly smart, hi-tech homes with multiple functions and automation systems: these are the signature features of furnishing choices for 2023.

Often adopted throughout the home, with the exception of the bathroom, to make small studio apartments appear more spacious, open-plan solutions - comprising the kitchen, dining area, traditional sitting room and even the bedrooms - are ideal for creating functional settings to respond to the evolving needs of the new millennium. The idea of open plan is to have more space, so furnishing elements should be limited and carefully chosen, with an eye on function as well as appearance. Simple furnishings in light, tone-on-tone shades are ideal for creating a stylish, seamless open plan setting. This new approach to space requires careful design choices for both the décor and the floors. A single flooring solution throughout the home creates a seamless look, ideal for making long, narrow spaces look bigger. Choosing the same flooring throughout the home helps create a consistent style, for a versatile, functional and practical result.

Flooring: Kerinox Bianco

2023 homes will be increasingly smart and hi-tech, with home automation systems able to manage energy, lighting, blinds, shutters and windows, and to adjust heating in multiple areas, as well as irrigation and even sound systems, both inside and outside the building.

Flooring: Amazzonia Brown

The Casalgrande dry interlocking laying system for porcelain stoneware flooring is quick, technically complete and stylish. It interacts with the home automation system for a smart home able to respond to the most complex design requirements. In the interlocking laying system, each ceramic tile is bonded to a support and to a special, highly resistant perimeter edge, composed of reinforced polystyrene or glass fibre reinforced plaster, depending on its intended use.

Dry interlocking laying system
Dry interlocking laying system

The slim, 3 mm standard joints of the finished floor are watertight, and can be walked on immediately. These stable floors are resistant to both concentrated and distributed loads.

Flooring: Stile Black - Covering: Stile White Smoke

The interlocking laying system can be used for smart flooring. Sensors and command modules integrated below the floor surface can be used for lighting adjustment and climate control, for an innovative home automation technology that reduces consumption and cuts waste, making life easier, safer and more comfortable. Simple, elegant wiring and electrification solutions are provided with variable cable ducts and junction boxes that can be installed flexibly under the tiles.

Dry interlocking laying system
Dry interlocking laying system

Casalgrande Padana offers a wide range of porcelain stoneware collections with colour, concrete, granite, wood, marble, metal or stone effects, ideal for all kinds of design requirements. Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are also an interesting decorative element, offering an innovative solution for kitchen and bathroom tops and furnishing accessories.

Flooring and Covering: Marmoker Statuario Fine
Flooring and covering: Beton Ivory

With its extraordinary bending strength and resistance to abrasions, weather and stains, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is ideal for both indoor and outdoor floors and walls. Made exclusively from natural raw materials, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware is fire-resistant, non-absorbent, non-allergenic, completely recyclable, eco-sustainable, easy to clean and remains unchanged over time.

Flooring: Stile White Smoke - Covering: Stile Composition A
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